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The Awakened Farm is a Blog and Podcast dedicated to self-reliance in food, entrepreneurship, education, and health...

...with your host Caleb Bartlett


About your host...

When a traumatic accident changed my life forever at age 16 my journey became a path of  dependence and uncertainty. However, I have found that the past doesn’t define who we are, only our perception and belief holds us back. We have the power to create our future, and the only power anything can have over us is that which we allow of our own free will.


I'm deeply passionate about freedom and self-reliance, and my ultimate goal is to live an awakened life free of outside control. I believe that our current systems are unhealthy and I'm dedicated to promoting alternative, regenerative ways of living that prioritize the development of the individual to their highest potential spirit, soul, and body.


My ultimate goal is to empower and inspire others to take control of their own lives and create a healthier, free, and more harmonious world for all.


Thank you for listening to The Awakened Farm and I hope you find the information and resources here valuable.


If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.


If you have any questions, you are looking for a designer, or want to collaborate on a project send me an email today!

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